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    Best Family Short at DITHFF *** UK Premiere

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a joyful and safe summer!   I’m thrilled to announce that The Book of Ruth has won the Best Family Short Jury Award at the Deep in the Heart Film Festival.    I was in Texas for what was a wonderful festival, adopted by a lovely community of filmmakers and people who are passionate about art and creativity, and we were very humbled by the win and by the fact that the film was welcomed with open arms and so much love.   I got to give an acceptance speech for the first time ever, so it was very unplanned. Nonetheless, here it is:  …

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    Upcoming IN PERSON screenings!

    Hello everyone, The world is slowly getting back to normal and film festivals are finally taking place in person again! We’ve been to the wonderful Julien Dubuque International Film Festival back in April and it was a incredible experience full of lovely people. But there’s more ahead! Most importantly, next week we’ll be screening IN PERSON at the Queens World Film Festival right here in NY! We never had the chance to have a physical premiere for our friends here in our city, so this is really exciting. If you attend, please come and say hi! To purchase $10 tix to our block (which includes more short films) click here.…

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    Cinequest, here we come!

    Hey all, a short, but very important update today! Beyond thrilled to announce that The Book of Ruth has been accepted to Cinequest, voted by USA Today as the best film festival in the US, also, an Academy Awards qualifying festival. Our little film is competing for a chance to qualify for the Oscars.  Join us online, 3/20-3/30 to celebrate this momentous achievement, because this truly is one of those “it’s an honor just to be nominated” moments. Screening information can be found here.   

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    At long last, Israeli Premiere ! סוף סוף – בכורה ישראלית

    English first and then Hebrew 🙂 אנגלית ואז עברית 🙂   I really do try to not post an update for every festival, but for obvious reasons, this update is the most emotional one to date – we finally get to take the film to Israel, and as our producer, Caitlin Gold said – nothing like taking your movie home! Especially when so many of the people who supported this film, family and friends, are in Israel. I sat down to translate it myself a couple of weeks ago for the Hebrew subtitles and it was a surreal (yet thrilling!) experience.    אני ממש משתדלת לא לשלוח עידכון על כל פסטיבל…

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    Our first award + Latin American Premiere ! הפרס הראשון שלנו ובכורה בדרום אמריקה

    Hello all! I promise to make this one quick 🙂 So after a total of 19 festival acceptances (11 states and counting!) we’ve won our first award! Last month, the San Diego Inernational Jewish Film Festival took place in its short film edition. The Book of Ruth has won Best Short Narrative! We’re very honored and excited!   שלום לכולם! מבטיחה לעשות את זה זריז 🙂 אז אחרי 19 פסטיבלים (11 מדינות בארה”ב עד כה והיד עוד נטויה!) זכינו לראשונה בפרס! בחודש שעבר התקיים פסטיבל הסרטים הבינ”ל לקולנוע יהודי בסן דייגו. הסרט זכה בפרס הסרט העלילתי הקצר הטוב ביותר! זה ללא ספק מרגש ואנחנו שמחים מאוד על ההישג המכובד!  …

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    Additional major premieres ! פרמיירות חשובות נוספות

    English first, hebrew after 🙂 אנגלית ואז עברית 🙂   Hi all,  Some really good news to share with everyone in this very short update! The Book of Ruth has been accepted to the Chelsea Film Festival. This will be our NYC (i.e. Manhattan) premiere, and we’re very excited that it’s in a major, highly acclaimed festival.  We’re also headed west for our Los Angeles premiere, at the LA Femme International Film Festival. And if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re headed to the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival for our Asia premiere! The festival experience has been great, with a lot of love for the film, and we’re still waiting to hear from…

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    International Premiere in Vancouver ! בכורה בינ”ל בונקובר

    Hello all,  We do our best not to send an update too often, but this one’s big – The Book of Ruth will have its international premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF,) one of the 5 largest film festivals in North America, and also recognized by the Canadian Screen Awards. What an honor!   שלום לכולם, אנחנו משתדלות לא לשלוח עידכון לעיתים תכופות מדי, אבל הפעם יש לנו משהו משמעותי לדווח. אנחנו שמחות להכריז שהסרט”מגילת רות” התקבל לפסטיבל הסרטים הבינ”ל של ונקובר (VIFF). אחרי מספר חודשים של הקרנות בארה”ב, זוהי הבכורה הבינלאומית שלנו. פסטיבל הסרטים הבינ”ל של ונקובר הוא אחד מחמשת הפסטיבלים הגדולים בצפון אמריקה, ומוכר ע”י האקדמיה הקנדית לקולנוע.…

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    3 additional festivals!

    We’re beyond excited to announce the The Book of Ruth is an official selection of the Topaz Film Festival by Women in Film Dallas in September, The Breckenridge Film Festival (A USA Today top 20 Film Festival) in September, and the The Joyce Forum Short Film Festival (Part of the San Diego International Jewish Film Festival) in October.   We’re delight to head (virtually!) into these incredible cities and share our movie with the audiences there! All info about upcoming screenings and tickets can be found on our screenings page. Can’t wait to see you all!

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    World premiere next week!

    Our world premiere is only two weeks away! This is both exciting and somewhat trailblazing, as deadCenter is one of the first film festivals to go online due to COVID19! The premiere will take place on June 11th, at 10AM, followed by a pre-recorded Q&A featuring Becca, myself, and the other filmmakers on our slate. You can see the full slate here. Passes can be purchased here. They’ll give you access to all the festival’s events. That said, tickets to individual events will become available on June 11th, so it is totally possible to only watch our slate. For all upcoming screenings visit our screenings page.  Please share with friends…

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    Official poster and festivals announcement!

    One paragraph in English, Hebrew translation right below!   פיסקה באנגלית, פיסקה בעברית 🙂   Hello everyone. We do hope this update finds you well and that you and all your loved ones are safe and healthy. Times are crazy at the moment, and it’s clear that almost every aspect of life will be effected by this crisis for a while to come. Same goes for the film industry.    שלום לכולם, אנחנו מקוות שאתם וכל יקירכם בריאים ושלמים. אנחנו חיים בתקופה מורכבת, ללא ספק, וברור שכמעט כל תחום בחיינו יושפע מהמשבר הבינלאומי הזה, בעתיד הקרוב והרחוק, וזה כולל גם את תעשיית הקולנוע.   We’ve been submitting the film to festivals…