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*Southeast Premiere: The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Atlanta, GA (on-line.) February 25 - 28, 2021.


For tickets click here.

*The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Dubuque, IA (currently on location.)


Physical screening in April 2021 (details to follow)

*Golden Door international Film Festival, Jersey City, NJ.


Postponed until early 2021 to allow a physical screening. 

*SENE Film Festival, Providence, RI.

Postponed until spring 2021 to allow a physical screening. 

Past screenings

*World premiere: The deadCenter Film Festival, OCK, OK June 11-21, 2020.

*The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Dubuque, IA June 25th - July 13th, 2020.

*The BZN International Film Festival, Bozman, MT August 27 - September 5th, 2020.

*The Topaz Film Festival by Women in Film Dallas, Dallas, TX September 8 - 13, 2020.

*The Breckenridge International Film Festival, Breckenridge, CO September 17 - October 4, 2020.

*New York Premiere: Imagine This Women's International Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY. September 25 - October 4, 2020.

*International Premiere: Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (online) September 24th - October 7th, 2020

*Katra Film Series, Brooklyn, NY. October 5 -9, 2020.

*Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands. October 11- 18, 2020.

*Los Angeles Premiere: La Femme International Film Festival, Beverly Hills, CA.  October 15 - 18, 2020

*NYC Premiere:  Chelsea Film Festival, NYC, NY. October 15 - 25, 2020

*Tallgrass International Film Festival, Wichita, KS. October 16-28,2020

*San Diego International Jewish Film Festival (The Joyce Forum Short Film Festival,) San Diego, CA. October 23-25, 2020.     

Winner: Jury Award for Best Short Narrative Film

*Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN. October 15 - November 1, 2020

*Asia Premiere: Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, Hong Kong. November 15 - December 6th, 2020

*Amsterdam World International Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands. December 6 - 8, 2020.      

Winner: Best Family Short

*South American Premiere: BOGOSHORTS, Bogota, Colombia. December 8 - 15,2020

*Israeli premiere: The Jewish Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel. December 13 - 15, 2020